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Area Mechanical Services - Sewer Cam

Area Mechanical offers full-service video camera inspections along with detailed reports for all types of pipes including sewer, water, and gas.

We use a specially designed waterproof video camera that is connected to a fiber optic cable to view the inside of pipe. As the camera is inserted into the pipe the video images captured by the camera are sent back to a monitor along with a distance reading and a date/time stamp. This information is used by the camera technician to evaluate the condition of the pipe. The camera technician can also record the inspection if a permanent record is required.

This service can be used to demonstrate that an installation was done properly, to view the internal status of a pipeline before, during and after service, to plan maintenance strategies, or to use in conjunction with pipeline cleaning services.


Area Mechanical’s video camera inspections

can help pinpoint problems such as:

Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe

Offset pipe



Bellied pipe

Leaking joints

Root infiltration

Off-grade pipe

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