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Desire to you all the best and you may without a doubt the newest natural and a lot of time long-lasting like!

#2 Harut

Looong limo about few vocalists chapel dhol zurna The new Important: QAVOR! 50 % of the individuals must be resting and you can sipping up until they passout, another 1 / 2 of should be moving up until they distribute.

#step 3 MosJan

#cuatro Nan

step one. the fresh groom’s mom urban centers lavash along side groom’s and bride’s shoulders (to have success) FYI: so it lifestyle is inspired by the brand new Pagan several months

2. this new sibling of your own bride to be, having a big blade in his give, really stands prior to the door while they are planning to grab the bride-to-be outside – the latest “qavor” needs to pay a specific amount (the brand new sibling ount) of cash on aunt to allow all of them wade

#5 Azat

After cluster the latest groom and bride visit their home and you will they must cash dos plates in front of the door(dishes taken from the fresh brides domestic)

#six Arturian

You are sure that the newest armenian old-fashioned matrimony is a technology. Grand and you will packed with of many facts and one thing. I’m able to describe exactly how my brother’s marriage is last year, it could be really short-term.

Uremn. Minchev pesayi kgna harsi tun, pesan, irenc durs galuc miqich close, tgha e ugharkum surov, suri glxin este xndzor, berelu, te galis en. Araj dziov er gnum ayd lur Hima meqenayov, suri teghn el shampur en vercnum.:)

Oh. ahead of they’re going with the domestic of girl, this new bridegroom complements gift suggestions to the house off qavor. New desk has already been prepared truth be told there, sit back kenac-menac etcetera. 🙂

Of people’s front for the domestic off hars qavor-qavorkin, men and you can young girls wade. When they recieve news one young groom is coming, the fresh family unit members of your bride are getting away from their particular household to fulfill them. Within their hands they need to features bullet gyata’s for them to admission it on the relatives of one’s bridegroom.

The newest bridegroom himself brings the marriage top of the fiance, and you can presents to have their own along with her family. Before the family new relatives is dancing, zourna, tash tush etcetera. great 🙂 Then they go into the family of your own fiance. The brand new fiance would be to sit in their unique place and you may there is no-one to come across their unique except their unique woman friends (!). Qavorkin requires the wedding skirt of the fiance in accordance with most other women goes to dress new bride. After they initiate putting on a costume this new bride-to-be it play a song and you will of course everyone is crying. 😀 The words of your own track are something like you to definitely:

Hars em gnum, tanic heranum, Hars em gnum, tanic heranum, Tasnyot tarekan, nani the month of january, Siro tiranum. Indz berel parece, sirel, gurgurel, Indz berel parece, sirel, gurgurel, . Anush katd. Orhnanqd togh lini, nani the month of january, Misht este indz vra.

Then the bridegroom goes to the space of bride (or she happens off their own area). That person of your own fiance can be protected and simply the brand new bridegroom is also expose it. It stand, kenac-menac take in chances are they go to the chapel. While they are about to visit the chapel, the aunt of the bride-to-be with an enthusiastic armenian dagger delays near the door and won’t let the partners to depart the fresh family of one’s fiance. The fresh cousin launches all of them when he becomes payed.

When they check out the chapel, they want to take a gorgeous wallet regarding gift ideas and also the bottles off chapel wines. Which wine ‘s the bride and the groom tend to drink inside the latest church in Psak. In the roadway one to visits the church they put light pinks under the legs of your own bride-to-be. Just before it go into the chapel they have to hold one or two pigeons and you may through to the enterance they release them. On the chapel it place the rings on the hands and you will plus the bishop places top on the brains. Crowns as much as i have always been aware of ‘s the icon freewilling and you may longlasting wedding. Including they take in wines which means they’re going to take-all the latest sorrows and happiness of life to one another forever. When they all of the go to the domestic of one’s bridegroom.

Close to the family, the fresh relatives try waiting, and of course part of the person – mother-in-law. 🙂 She places to the shoulders of the latest hitched lavashs, kisses them and blesses all of them. All the moving take place, ansamble are playing songs, kids place sweets towards the latest hitched partners (preferable light-weighted sweets ;). Near the bride to be there’s always harsnaquyr, petq elizabeth chamusnacats lini. Beside the bridegroom perhaps not marriad guy, hach-ehpayr i think. Their was permitted to select one of girls from the public and hug their particular, the new girl cannot assist him hug her, whereas hach-ehpayr should try their top. 🙂

Okay, they fulfilled the couple, as they are entering the family. Through to the bride to be enters our house she is to brake the latest overturned dishes till the enterence of door, because of this she holiday breaks every crappy and you may evil, and you can goes into the house clean and having tranquility.

They enter the household. Anyone lies around the dining table, but the brand new bride-to-be (this is very important!). She stays reputation. Up coming mom-in-law involves their unique, offers their unique extremely expensive jewelry (most likely loved ones jewerly) and supply permissions to stay. However tash-tush initiate. Prior to there have been such short handkerchieves in which it accustomed set every sweets regarding the relationships table and they gave on younger boys and you may girls who are not married. Now you can buy men and women. Predicated on living in the event that boys and girls put these types of handkerchieves around they cushion on that exact same nights within their dream might get a hold of its upcoming half of. 🙂

Following the first-night, have always been, Mother-in-legislation delivers new woman delagation 🙂 having karmir handzor (red apples, particular now get it done that have red-colored vegetation) towards house of the bride-to-be. The mother-in-legislation by herself does not look at the household. Thus the fresh girl is actually brush (virgin). This type of reddish oranges are provided towards the dad away from girl. And you can of course dad as ever whines one go out. 🙂

From inside the few days this new glux-lval service happens, when cousin married girls feature presents to their house to help you see the bride-to-be. There is not far moving occurs right here, always a bit. a lot more like a family matter.

And i also thought this single Sao luis female dating really is they. 😀 Oh yes, almost forgot, if fiance enter the household of one’s groom they supply a tiny boy to hold within her give, very she will features fit kids as well. 🙂

This kind of wedding took place one to and half of years ago into the Yerevan, whenever my buddy got hitched. Now thet provides a little fedayin boy in their house. 😉 Dudes it is so sweet and you can beatiful, the wedding events are the best!!

P.S. Disappointed dudes, wouldn’t eliminate. One article. BTW congratulate myself, We already have a great girl who I can get married in about 36 months. 😉

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