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Area Mechanical
Servicing the stateline area the right way for more than 30 years!
Area Mechanical
We can design, install, maintain, and service refrigeration equipments
Area Mechanical
We have years of experience in all types of plumbing projects
Area Mechanical
We specializes in the design, and installation of HVAC systems.

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Area Mechanical specializes in the design, installation, and service of HVAC systems. We can help you improve your existing system, or we can work with you to design a new system that will meet your needs. The owners have over 70 years of experience in this industry, having the ability to design a system that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Because we have designed, installed, and serviced a variety of systems, we know which solutions will provide the best value for your application.

Area Mechanical can also tailor an operations and maintenance contract for your specific needs.

Area Refrigeration

From small self-contained commercial refrigeration units to large Rack style refrigeration systems used for grocery stores, refrigerated warehouses or processing facilities, we have experience with them all. Area Mechanical can design, install, maintain, and service refrigeration equipment from all of top manufacturers. Area Mechanical can also tailor an operations and maintenance contract for your specific needs.

You can put your trust in Area Mechanical.

Contact us Now!


Make any commercial plumbing project go smoothly with professional services by Area Mechanical.

We have years of experience in all types of plumbing projects for education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, office space, retail, supermarket, and restaurant industries.

From new construction to remodeling and updating, Area Mechanical is the best choice for your plumbing contractor.

Area Mechanical can also tailor an operations and maintenance contract for your specific needs.


Area Mechanical can design, repair, and install Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial boiler systems using steam or hot water
Our team of skilled technicians can replace your existing boiler equipment with a newer more energy efficient system, or we can repair and service your current system.
Area Mechanical can also tailor an operations and maintenance contract for your specific needs.

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Area Mechanical Inc
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Leigh HammerLeigh Hammer
20:11 10 Oct 22
Good people fair and honest
Aubrie SAubrie S
21:46 21 Jan 21
I have used Area Mechanical for years and always been happy with their service. I've had furnaces replaced, air conditioning repaired, and miscellaneous plumbing and other repairs completed as well. The dispatcher is always kind and the job always gets done.
A “Ashlie B” BA “Ashlie B” B
14:50 01 Feb 20
Great family owned business. The owner is honest and straight shooting. They get to know you and work with your schedule, and also have been able to help in a pinch or an emergency. They offer 24/7 service and the techs are wonderful.
Paul LundenPaul Lunden
17:51 19 Nov 19
I called this company a few weeks ago when we had a cold snap and they were first company I called that gave me real answers. Their serviceman came out and took the time to explain things to me and fixed the issue with my HVAC unit. I called them again just yesterday because I couldn’t get my thermostat to work. I had it programmed incorrectly, and even though it was the end of the day, their service guy John squeezed me in and didn’t charge me for the quick fix that they easily could’ve charged me for. The gal working reception, I think her name was Ashley, was extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful. It’s nice to know they take care of their customers and are honest about it. Too many service companies today are like used car salesmen.
Steven BSteven B
03:48 31 Oct 19
Be careful when you use this company. Their prices are way higher than several other reputable HVAC companies. Came to our house and charged 800 to fix a problem with ac that didn't fix it. Had to come back 3 weeks later and charged us another huge charge to fix something they should have fixed the first time. Come to find out today we still have a problem. Made a poor decision to have them come out again to look at furnace and they charged us 480 to replace a $70 thermostat and tell us we need a new heat exchanger. Was told by supervisor that they charge labor time from the minute the tech leaves the previous work site till they get to your house. 45 minute drive to our house was charged to me at 130 per hour. $40 truck charge and $130 per hour labor. He said they have to be paid at a high rate. he said they have $40k truck full of $40k supplies. Someone has to pay for that. Then we were charged for the time it took the tech to replace thermostat twice because he admittedly wired it wrong the first time.(which is now already falling off the wall) I looked up the part. 70 bucks on Amazon for exact same unit. See pick below. Identical. Plain Jane non-programmable unit. They charged us 175 bucks. Thought for a minute I was at a hospital or something on the up charge. Now they say we need a new heat exchanger. All this since mid June. 1200 more I was told. Reluctantly paid the 480 and went with another great company to replace the whole furnace. Do yourself a favor and do some research. Big isn't always better. It just means more mouths to feed.