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Geothermal Systems

The earth acts like a massive heat sink that maintains a constant temperature year round. Geothermal technologies utilize this fact to provide one of the most efficient heating and cooling technologies available.

Geothermal systems transfer heat to and from the earth through a series of pipes, or loops, that are installed below the surface of the ground or submersed in a pond or lake.  In the winter the fluid that circulates in the loop transfers heat from the earth to the building.  In the summer the process is reversed and the fluid that circulates in the loop transfers heat from the building to the earth.

There are several geothermal configurations to choose from, and it is important that the correct design is chosen for your application if it is to work properly.  Thatís why Area Mechanical has certified geothermal designers/installers on staff  who can help you with the design, installation, and maintenance of your geothermal system.

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Camera Services

Area Mechanical offers full-service video camera inspections along with detailed reports for all types of pipe including sewer, water, and gas.

We use a specially designed waterproof video camera that is connected to a fiber optic cable to inspect the pipe under construction.  As the camera is inserted into the pipe the video images captured by the camera are sent back to a monitor along with a distance reading and a date/time stamp.  This information is used by the camera technician to evaluate the condition of the pipe.  The camera technician can also record the inspection if a permanent record is required.

This service can be used to demonstrate that an installation was done properly, to view the internal status of a pipeline before, during and after service, to plan maintenance strategies, or to use in conjunction with pipeline cleaning services.

Area Mechanicalís video camera inspections can help pinpoint problems such as:

- Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe
- Offset pipe
- Blockage
- Corrosion
- Bellied pipe
- Leaking joints
- Root infiltration
- Off-grade pipe

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